XIII Presidential Summit of the Pacific Alliance

Last July 24th was held in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, the XIII Presidential Summit of the Pacific Alliance. With the aim of changing the presidency of the block, Colombia was thanked for the service it lent in the last year and was offered the necessary support to Peru that assumes responsibility for the period of one year.

A Day Before the V Business Summit was held in which the 4 Leaders, representing each member country, referred to the important points of regional integration. Today, the AP represents the world’s eighth economy, with a population of 223 million people.

For the first time the Summit had the participation of the member countries of MERCOSUR with the aim of settle joint tasks for the growth of the continent as a whole.

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Declaration AP MERCOSUR_PTO_VALLARTA jul2018

At the opening of the XIII Summits Presidencial, the president of Mexico warned that the work that the member countries of this mechanism are doing today regionally will be decisive for the future of the region, “is, above all, an occasion to reflect on the future we want to give to this valuable mechanism, which from its origin has sought to promote deep integration,” said Enrique Peña Nieto.

The Chilean President, Sebastián Piñera, said that “in its 7 years of life, the Alliance of the Pacific has shown very fruitful fruits and has achieved great successes. The best proof of this is that today 55 countries of the world are observers of the Pacific Alliance. But the times are undoubtedly changing, and now the Pacific Alliance must renew itself. ”

The head of State also expressed the intention of concretizing the incorporation of countries that wish to be strategic partners, as countries associated with the bloc.

Finally, President Piñera called for accelerating “convergence” between the Pacific Alliance and Mercosur to enable the development of a free trade agreement between the countries that make them up, which could mean that more than 90% of Latin America can To be within a large free trade agreement.

“This is the strategic vision that the countries of the Pacific Alliance have, and that is perfectly consistent with the great mission that Chileans have, for the next 12 years, that is to say, before the end of the next decade, we can transform Chile into A developed country, in a country without poverty and in a country that will assure all our compatriots, the opportunities to develop their talents and the assurances of a life with dignity,” said Sebastián Piñera.

The President Manuel Santos, from Colombia, he was responsible for closing the work and in his speech he made clear the intention to continue working for the success of the Block:

“I want to thank everyone who in one way or another has contributed to this project in the last 7 years. It has been an exciting project many people who have contributed and will continue to contribute, I do to the side, that is the democracy, so it has to be, but it is in very good hands.

Enrique (Peña Nieto) and I will move aside, Sebastián (Piñera) is a founder of this project and knows better than anyone the importance of continuing it, strengthen it, and of course in the President Of Peru remains in magnificent hands in the presidency (Pro tempore) for the year that begins. ”